Small Miss-Hits are Costing You Big Yards, Vital Accuracy and Precious Strokes…

"Unlock the Power of Pure Ball-Striking - Quickly Hone Your Swing to Nail the Sweet Spot Consistently while Adding 20+ Yards… Guaranteed"


“After using the iS1 for only about 10 minutes, my average drive improved by 27 yards.” Phil Kim, 5 HDCP

Phil’s not fibbing.

I saw it with my own two eyes.

I also watched other golfers match and even beat Phil’s astounding results.

Using the same method. In the same brief time span.

One after another.

It was an “ah-ha” moment for me, but especially for them.

Because these golfers learned a crucial fact that’s often overlooked.

You can greatly increase your distance (and accuracy) by doing one simple thing:

Consistently hitting the sweet spot.

Like I said, that’s no big secret.

Yet most of us are so busy trying to boost our swing speed or master some complicated move, we lose sight of the very essence of golf:

Striking the ball with the center of the clubface.

The sweet spot holds the key, my friend. By hitting it consistently, you’ll:

  • Max out your driving distance not just occasionally, but throughout every round
  • Improve your tee-to-green accuracy by leaps and bounds
  • Eliminate your ugly slice, heedless hook or catastrophic shank
  • Drill hybrid and iron shots that penetrate the wind and stop on command
  • Slash strokes from your scores – even if you’re already a low handicapper (like Phil)

That’s just the short list.

And a new training aid brings it all within easy reach.

I can’t wait to tell you about this ingeniously simple tool – the one that gave Phil and company such remarkable gains – and how it can instantly change your on-course fortunes.

Hang with me and I’ll reveal my exciting find momentarily.

I promise, you’ll be glad you stuck around.

But first, I want to highlight the crucial link between center contact and distance by explaining what happens when you fail to connect.

For a golfer of average swing speed, missing the driver’s sweet spot by 1 measly inch causes a distance loss of 23 yards.

Considering a golf ball is 1.68” wide, a 1” error is hardly a capital offense.

Yet that single, solitary inch can be the difference between:

A towering drive ripped straight down the middle… … And a sickly slice that dribbles out of bounds.

A sky-piercing iron shot that stops on a dime… … And a fluttering fade left buried in the sand.

A dogleg corner you carry with ease… … And a blind approach from deep, gnarly rough.

Oh, and if you think the rule doesn’t apply to your monster-headed, NASA-designed clubs, I hate to break it to you.

But you’re wrong.

Because no matter how big the clubhead…

How low its COG…

Or how high its MOI…

If you don’t consistently hit the sweet spot, your game is pretty much D.O.A.

Breed_head-shot-2Hi folks, I’m Michael Breed, host of Golf Channel’s “The Golf Fix,” SiriusXM Radio’s “A New Breed of Golf” and the PGA’s 2012 National Teacher of the Year. Golf has changed dramatically since I began my coaching career in 1990, with equipment at the forefront of progress.

In some ways, though, technology may be holding us back.

And when I say us, I’m including you.

Let me explain.

In the early 1990s, metal woods were just catching on while many amateurs still played unforgiving forged irons. The hybrid boom was more than a decade away.

Here’s an eye-opening tidbit that shows how far we’ve come:

The original Big Bertha driver launched in 1991… with a clubhead volume of 190 cubic centimeters.

Compare that with today’s 460cc behemoths – not to mention super-sized, cavity-back irons – and it’s no wonder ball-striking has become a lost art.

Just to be clear: I’m not knocking modern clubs – my own bag is full of them. They’re a hundred times easier to hit than their forerunners and a boon to everyday golfers.

But I see two problems with 21st century equipment:

1. High-volume clubheads, perimeter weighting and other game-improvement features only partially compensate for off-center contact, so any miss-hit costs you distance and accuracy.

In fact, the so-called “enlarged sweet spot” is a myth. Every club’s sweet spot is the same size – no bigger than the point of a pin.

2. The same features reduce feel and feedback on less-than-perfect strikes, making lousy shots feel decent and decent shots feel good.

The overall effect?

Modern clubs still penalize poor swings, but they often mask your mistakes.

And if you can’t detect it, you can’t correct it.

Again, don’t get me wrong.

I’m not suggesting you replace your high-tech sticks with some vintage blades and a persimmon driver.

Those are strictly for collectors.

What I’m saying is this:

If you really want to improve, to play the very best golf you can play, it’s critical to know when (and how badly) you miss-hit a shot.

Since your clubs don’t provide this key information, you need something that does.

Preferably, something that makes your mistakes crystal clear AND helps you fix them.


Lucky for you, I’ve got just the thing.

It’s the easiest way ever to ensure pure contactmaximum distance and superior accuracy… Swing after swing after swing.

Introducing the iS1 Impact Slot Trainer


Your ticket to superior ball-striking and 20+ extra yards…


How It Works - Watch the Video Below

Take a look at your new best friend.

I told you it was simple.

But its benefits are practically endless.

Before I get to those, here’s a quick explanation of how this remarkable training aid works.

iS1Basically, it’s a standard 7-iron with two angled, low-compression polymer inserts bracketing the middle of the clubface – a 1.25” section called the “Impact Slot” – in bright red.

As you practice hitting balls, the iS1 trainer provides instant, exaggerated feedback when you miss the slot.

  • A shot off the toe will fly way left of target
  • A heel shot will veer to the right
  • Any miss-hit will feel “dead” against the soft polymer, which also reduces the ball’s velocity (so you won’t endanger other golfers)

And when you catch the iS1 flush? You’ll not only produce a beautiful shot…

You’ll experience the singular, life-affirming sensation that says,

“Yeah, I totally nailed that one.”

Start practicing with the iS1 and that feeling will soon become very familiar.

And it will never get old.

Your pals, on the other hand, are gonna grow tired of the new you real quick.

Thanks to the iS1, this new you will:

  • Drive the ball 10… 20… perhaps even 30 yards farther than before
  • Hit fairways and greens with machine-like consistency
  • Control iron-shot distances down to the yard
  • Shape fades and draws to fit any hole’s demands
  • Command approaches to sit like a well-trained retriever… and smile proudly when they obey

I’m sure you’ll agree that sounds pretty awesome. But you’d probably like to know exactly what I mean by “soon.” Hmmm… How quickly can you get to the range?

“The iS1 is definitely the best training product I’ve ever used”

"20 Extra Yards in Minutes"

I knew the Impact Slot Trainer was a winner the moment I saw it. The club and the concept make perfect sense.

I had no idea, though, what kind of quantifiable benefits the iS1 could provide everyday players – especially those trying it for the very first time.

There was only one way to find out – by testing it with a group of amateur golfers.

Here’s how it worked:

Each golfer started by hitting shots with his or her own driver or 7-iron, with stats such as clubhead speed, ball speed, “Smash Factor” (which I’ll explain shortly) and total distance tracked via launch monitor. The results formed our “before” data set.

Next, each golfer practiced with the iS1 for 10 to 15 minutes, then resumed hitting shots with his/her own club – once again tracked by the monitor.

The goal: To find out how much the golfers would improve after using the iS1.

The answer:

TONS – as in 20 to 30 extra yards with the driver along with increased accuracy.

Check out what happened when Phil Kim used the iS1 – and note that Phil carries a 5 handicap, so he was already a strong ball-striker:

"Exaggerated Feedback, 27-Yard Improvement"

A 5 handicapper.

Used the iS1 for 10 minutes.

And gained 27 yards.

Now imagine how much distance you can add if you’re a 10 handicapper… or a 16… or a 25+.

Actually, there’s no need to wonder.

Our testers included men and women covering a wide range of skills and handicaps. The results were remarkably consistent.

Every single player enjoyed a distance boost of 15 to 30 yards after just minutes of practice with the Impact Slot Trainer.

As you might expect, they were pretty thrilled.

“I didn’t realize how quickly I could pick up hitting the sweet spot until I used the iS1”

Actually, thrilled is an understatement.

Over-the-moon is more like it.

Here's a brief sampling of some of our test golfers' comments:

I have a lot of training products, and I’m always interested in getting a new one. This by far is the best one I’ve seen in a long time.

I’ve never gotten another training aid to give me 25 to 30 yards in 10 minutes… and if I keep using this thing I’m looking to get 40 or 50 yards.

Eddie Nusblatt
Eddie Nusblatt

The feedback for me was instantaneous. I hit the first shot and I could feel it hit the inside because it had a little left to right spin. I felt right away what was wrong. I mean, you don’t have to be a rocket scientist to figure this out. It’s very simple, and feedback is really crucial.

Dan Strand
Dan Strand

You naturally improve your golf swing with the iS1 because you’re not gonna continue to hit bad balls. You’re gonna hone your own swing till you make sure you hit it in the middle. When I went back to hitting my own club, I hit my 7-iron 15 yards farther, which is huge.

Jill Carrero
Jill Carrero 9 HDCP

That’s some compelling proof of the iS1’s instant impact.

Perhaps compelling enough to convince you the iS1 can do for your game what it did for Eddie and company?

If so, here’s a handy link that’ll put the Impact Slot Trainer in your hands faster than you can say, “Miss-hit? What’s a miss-hit?”

Start Hitting Pure NOW!

Still with me?

Hey, I’m perfectly cool with that. I’ve got plenty more to share – helpful info you can use even if you decide not to invest in the iS1 today.

For instance, remember that whole 1 inch = negative-23 yards thing? I owe you this explanation:

Numerous scientific studies have analyzed the loss of yardage on off-center shots.

While there’s no definitive conclusion, here’s the consensus:

Missing the center of your driver by just 1 inch causes a 10% loss of distance.

(A half-inch miss costs you 5%, and so on.)

Now let’s plug in some numbers.

We’ll assume your swing speed is 94 MPH – typical for a male golfer according to TrackMan (a leading ball-flight analysis company).

And let’s say you generate 2.5 yards per MPH – a generally accepted standard with the driver.

That equals a tee shot of 235 yards… provided you hit it flush.

Miss by a mere inch, however, and that 10% loss knocks you down to about 212 yards.


Instead of hitting, say, an 8-iron to the green, you’re now looking at a 6-iron.

Possibly from the rough or a fairway bunker. Worse, you could be in the trees… maybe even the water.

All because you missed your driver’s sweet spot by a whopping 1 inch.

Of course, you may not be aware of your own impact pattern.

This image should give you an idea.

We sprayed the driver clubface of a former PGA player, a 7 handicap, and a 14 handicap, and asked them to hit balls.

Take a look:

As you can see, pros pound the sweet spot time after time.

Higher handicappers hit the center occasionally, but usually strike the ball toward the heel or the toe.

Or with the top of the clubface, or the leading edge… Or all of the above.

Even single-digits are prone to missing by a half-inch or more.

Bottom line: Unless you get paid to play, your contact needs improvement.

Only pure impact, on the dead center of the clubface, gives you maximum driving distance.

You pay a price for poor contact with other clubs, too.

All of them.

Fairway woods, hybrids, irons and wedges. Which brings up another topic I introduced earlier – Smash Factor.

Or as it’s also known…

The #1 Factor in Determining Distance

“Wait a second, Michael,” you might be thinking. “I thought distance was all about clubhead speed.”


As you’ve already seen, where you strike the ball on the clubface matters, too.

A lot.

This formula offers proof:

Smash Factor = Ball Speed ÷ Clubhead Speed


The closer you hit the ball to the sweet spot, the higher your ball speed.

And the higher your ball speed, the longer your shots.

Here’s a quick example.

Say your 94 MPH swing produces a ball speed of 135 MPH.

Your Smash Factor (135 ÷ 94) is 1.44.

Not bad… but far from perfect.

For comparison’s sake, pros and scratch golfers post Smash Factors around 1.50.

That’s how they squeeze every last yard from their swings (while hitting so many fairways and greens).

You realize this is great news, right? It’s great news because it means…

You can actually get longer (and straighter) without adding clubhead speed.

You don’t need to take lessons, either.

Or overhaul your swing…

Master any “secret” moves…

Binge on supplements and superfoods, or…

Tackle a fitness routine that would break a Navy Seal.

All you have to do is – repeat after me – hit the sweet spot on a regular basis.

How hard could it be?

I’ll answer that:

Not very hard at all – when you have the iS1.

"Instant Feedback"

As you’ve seen, our test golfers were amazed by how quickly the iS1 had them wearing out the center of the clubface.

To be perfectly honest, I’d be skeptical of their results if I hadn’t witnessed it all myself.

But seeing is believing, which is why I’m absolutely confident you’ll enjoy the same kind of improvement.

I’ll even prove my faith in the iS1 – and in you – with a money-back guarantee (details coming shortly).

I’ll also stop everything temporarily if you’re ready to take control of your golf game with the iS1. You know what to do…

Start Hitting Pure NOW!

OK, I’m back. Since you’re still here, too, I assume there’s a few more things you’d like to know before pulling the trigger.

For instance, you’re probably curious how on earth…

The iS1 turns ordinary golfers into solid ball-strikers after just minutes of practice

Instead of delving into stuff like neuroscience and kinesiology, I’ll explain based on my experience and observations.

It’s similar to the process that guides you to unconsciously swing at the target when you’re lined up too far left or right. (This is one reason so many golfers come over the top. But I digress…)

Miss hit toe_animation still 1When you miss-hit a shot with the iS1, the sideways flight and mushy feeling send a clear message to your brain:

You screwed up, pal. Try something different.

The brain processes this information and alerts the body. Together, they adjust the swing to put the iS1’s center squarely on the ball – often without your conscious mind realizing what they’ve done.

It may not happen on the next swing, or the one after that. Or, you might hit a couple of solid shots before missing a few on the heel or toe.

But pretty soon, your brain and body will figure out how to strike the ball smack in the middle of the clubface, as if by instinct.

No teachers, books or videos required.

Okay, on to your other questions...


Q: The iS1 is the length and loft of a 7-iron – do its benefits really translate to longer clubs like the driver?

A: You bet they do. Just ask our testers – Alexander Acevedo for instance. A 16-handicapper, he gained 20 driving yards after a 10-minute session with the iS1.

No wonder he said afterward, “It’s not a gimmick. I’m completely sold on it.”

Q: Is the iS1 suitable for warming up before a round?

A: Darn right it is. It’s the best training aid I’ve seen for ingraining an efficient, sweet-spot-drilling swing you can take immediately to the course.

In fact, the iS1 had our friend Phil Kim re-thinking his whole approach.

“Previous to this I’ve never been a big warm-up guy, because warming up doesn’t translate to better playing,” he said. “But I think with this, and with the real focus on hitting the sweet spot… I’ll definitely use it before I go out and play.”

Q: The iS1’s short-term benefits sound awesome. But will it help me groove a better swing over the long haul?

A: I’m absolutely sure of it. By practicing regularly with the iS1 – even for just a few minutes at a time – you’ll build the muscle memory needed to deliver the sweet spot to the ball with uncanny consistency.

"Purest Shot I've Ever Hit"

If You Don’t Gain 20+ Yards with the Impact Slot Trainer within 60 Days, You’ll Get Your Money Back

guarantee_iS1Playing great golf often requires taking big risks.

Buying the Impact Slot Trainer isn’t one of them.

Purchase yours today and you’ll be covered by a 60-day, iron-clad, money-back guarantee.

Beat buckets of balls with the iS1 on the driving range. Practice chipping at home. Try it from different lies and awkward stances.

If working with the iS1 for two solid months doesn’t:

  • Boost your driving distance by at least 20 yards
  • Hone your accuracy throughout the bag, and
  • Provide dozens of blissful “Nailed it!” moments with every round…

… Send it back and we’ll refund every hard-earned cent you paid (minus shipping & handling).

In fact, you don’t even have to give a reason for returning the iS1. We’ll deliver that refund, no questions asked.

The way I see it, golf involves enough risk-reward decisions as it is.

Here’s a rare opportunity to grab a sure thing. At a ridiculously low price.

By now, you know all the benefits of sweet spot contact, from more distance to improved accuracy to high-level shotmaking and control.

You know that your own clubs, no matter how much you spent or what the ads say, are costing you yards, fairways and greens when you miss the center.

You’re also among the few golfers who recognize that there’s no such thing as an enlarged sweet spot.

And you’re aware that your clubs aren’t telling you the whole truth about how well (or poorly) you strike the ball.

Most importantly, you've learned this:

The iS1 is the one and only golf product that makes hitting the sweet spot easy and automatic

If you ask me, that justifies a hefty price tag.

Think of it this way…

How much would you pay to:

  • Regularly rip perfect drives and pinseeking approaches
  • Routinely bomb it past your buddies
  • Shorten the course by hundreds of yards
  • Fade, draw and spin your irons like a shotmaking magician
  • Pose after each shot while the rush of immaculate contact surges through your bones

And do all this during every single round?

Honestly, a bundle like that is what I call priceless.

I bet you do, too.

In which case, this should be considered the Deal of the Century:

For a Limited Time, the Impact Slot Trainer is Only $118
(FREE shipping to U.S. addresses!)

iS1-ImpactJust $118. For a future of longer, straighter shots, lower scores and the incomparable joy of striking the golf ball dead solid perfect.

Remember, this offer isn’t set in stone – it’s a special, one-time price that’ll be gone as soon as golfers snatch up the first run of iS1’s.

I expect that to be quick. Really quick.

So go ahead and take advantage of this incredible deal – and the 60-day guarantee – by clicking the “Add To Cart” button below.

And get ready to tap the power of pure contact.

Let’s do this!

Michael Breed
2012 PGA Teacher of the Year

"20 Extra Yards in 10 Minutes"

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